Writer’s Forums

Writer’s Forums

Yes, I know. Every new, or would-be writer, wants to express themselves by joining their local writer’s forum. It seems to be a natural order of things. You are writing something, you look for some kind of critique, you impress other members of this local group with your abilities, and you come out at the other end as a well-respected and entitled author.

Well, it actually doesn’t work quite like that. For one thing, they all seem to be published in one form or another, and they all resent the new member suggesting they are beyond their level of wordsmithing or story-telling. The reality is, you, as a new author or would-be author, are on the bottom rung of a coveted ladder of accession. There is no way you will be able to exert your unearned authority without a fight to the death with the others – and, I can tell you, it isn’t worth the aggravation or the fight to get to the next step.

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