The 15 Best Relaxing Novels to Read When You Need to Destress

The 15 Best Relaxing Novels to Read When You Need to Destress

Book-induced escapism is a phenomenon that happens because books can transport you into a new reality that is free of stress and potentially more exciting than the one you’re in now.

Here’s a list of books from different categories to help you unwind, including espionage novels or the best spy novels of all time. 

1- The Golden Handcuffs

In this thriller, follow industrial saboteur Matthew Black in a tale of international mystery as he travels across continents for his latest assignment- to facilitate the exchange of one of the world’s richest gold mines located in the Andes with one in Northern Canada.

2- Kafka on the Shore 

Unlike any spy thriller author, he is famous for writing about talking cats and falling fish. He is also genuine when telling stories about everyday life. For example, making pasta and drinking whisky in this new novel.

3- 50 Mindful Moments in Nature 

Watching a honeybee hive start up, a sunflower tracking the sun, or a shooting star lighting up the night sky is a beautiful reminder of the mindfulness we can find outdoors. This is what this book is all about. 

4- The Midnight Library

Nora, the heroine of this fantastical tale, spends a day at the library at the edge of the universe. She discovers if there were alternative paths she could have taken that would have brought her happiness. 

5- The Book Of Joy 

It is a book that can change your life as it offers the insights of the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu on how to find true joy in difficult times.

6- Stillhouse Lake 

This book is a must-read if you enjoy spy, thriller, or espionage novels. Written by a genius spy thriller author about events that change a housewife’s life. She assumes a new identity to stay in hiding. 

7- A Thousand Mornings 

We are transported to the marshlands and coasts of the author’s beloved town, Massachusetts. Oliver shows us how to learn from the smallest moments in life with clarity and kindness.

8- The Husband 

Are you looking for something from the best spy novel authors? Featuring some too-good-to-be-true husbands, this clever take on the Stepford Wives story is a heartwarming read you must get your hands on. 

9- Little Picnic

The author explains how she overcame her “little panic” as an adult and rose above her feelings of wonder and fear in over 400 pages. If you suffer from anxiety, you might find this book comforting.

10- The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

It reveals the glamorous and scandalous life of the reclusive Hollywood movie icon Evelyn Hugo. To everyone’s surprise, things get thrilling when she chooses an unknown magazine reporter for a job. 

11- How To Change Mind

This book offers a riveting journey through American history as Pollan dives deep into the world of psychedelics, exploring the powerful healing potential of these compounds.

12- The Corfu Trilogy

You’ll love this soothing piece by conservationist and television host Gerald Durrell. This joyful and lighthearted trilogy is a part of his autobiographical trilogy.

13- The Dogist 

Who needs espionage novels when our four-legged friends are the perfect company to destress? This adorable photo book will help you turn a dreary day around with its portraits of sweet dogs.

14 – Tender At The Bone 

Readers will laugh as Ruth Reichl shares funny stories about cooking with her mother and eating her first soufflé in this heartwarming novel. 

15 – The Anxiety Journal

This exceptional read allows you to manage your anxiety with brain-based coping mechanisms, mindful exercises, and writing prompts.

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