The 15 Best Relaxing Novels to Read When You Need to Destress

the golden handcuffs book

Book-induced escapism is a phenomenon that happens because books can transport you into a new reality that is free of stress and potentially more exciting than the one you’re in now. Here’s a list of books from different categories to help you unwind, including espionage novels or the best spy novels of all time.  1- […]

Writing Tips from A Jay Collins: Advice and Insights for Aspiring Thriller Authors

spy thriller authors

Jay Collins is a luminary of spy thriller authors, renowned for his gripping narratives, complex characters, and pulse-pounding suspense. With a career spanning multiple bestsellers and a loyal readership, Collins has earned his place among esteemed espionage authors.  Let’s explore the invaluable writing tips and insights Jay Collins offers, providing aspiring thriller authors with guidance […]