A Soundtrack for Stories: The Power of Music on Website

A Soundtrack for Stories: The Power of Music on Website

Incorporating music on my website wasn’t just about adding a wow factor; it was a way to collaborate with my son, showcase his talent, and ultimately enhance the reader’s experience. Justin lent me the songs specifically to include mood music for my novels. I hope it catches the attention of some faithful readers.

The Copyright Advantage: A Family Affair

One seldom discussed perk of having a son who’s a music producer (DJ Catalyst by the name of Justin) is the convenience of copyright ownership. Since Justin composed the music, we bypassed copyright concerns and could integrate it seamlessly within the website.

Mood Music: The Missing Ingredient?

While music wasn’t necessary, it became the missing piece that elevated the atmosphere. As you navigate the pages, the music subtly intertwines with the content, potentially creating a more immersive experience for readers. Imagine browsing the website and encountering a piece of music that perfectly complements the mood of your next novel selection – that’s the “cool” factor I was hoping for!

Justin’s Creative Spark: Music as Therapy

Justin may not be able to read or write traditional music notation, nor does he play conventional instruments. His unique talent lies in his ability to create captivating soundscapes. These sounds naturally flow together, forming the foundation for the mood music featured on the website.

More importantly, music is a creative outlet for Justin, who battles mental health challenges. Including his music as a symbiosis for my books is my way of supporting my son and showcasing his talent. His passion for music is truly inspiring, and seeing his work integrated with my writing fuels my own creative drive.

A Collaborative Effort: The Power of Shared Passion

By featuring Justin’s music, I feel we’ve created something special together. His innovative style sets the mood for the website and motivates me to write more passionately. It’s a beautiful testament to the power of collaboration and shared ardour.

So, the next time you visit my website, take a moment to listen to the music. It’s not just background noise; it’s a story within itself, a testament to family, creativity, and the power of music to enhance the written word.

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