Music — to set the mood

Music — to set the mood

It is unusual to see that music has been incorporated into a website like this, but in my case, I didn’t have to worry about copyrighting. You see, my son created the music, so he owns it. He lent it to me to include mood music for my novels. I didn’t have to use music at all. But when you hear it intertwined with the story,  perhaps you think “that’s cool.” Otherwise, you wouldn’t miss it from a website, and it would be just another site to pass over. I hope it catches the attention of some. 

My son Justin, otherwise known as DJ Catalyst, is a DJ and a producer, and he has always had an ear for music. While he cannot read or write music and doesn’t play a traditional instrument, he can create sounds that flow together. He has a knack for it, and I like them. They provide the background for moods, and I can match those moods to what I write. By including his music, I can give him some support as he goes through some of the issues associated with mental health difficulties. Music seems to be an outlet for him and I want to help him. He’s such a good guy. By including his mood music with my novels, I feel as though he has contributed, and his style moves me to write with a little more passion. If you would like to listen to learn more about Justin, listen to his music or support his work, you can visit his website

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