Writing Tips from A Jay Collins: Advice and Insights for Aspiring Thriller Authors

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Jay Collins is a luminary of spy thriller authors, renowned for his gripping narratives, complex characters, and pulse-pounding suspense. With a career spanning multiple bestsellers and a loyal readership, Collins has earned his place among esteemed espionage authors.  Let’s explore the invaluable writing tips and insights Jay Collins offers, providing aspiring thriller authors with guidance […]

Short Stories? Easy.

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Before I started to write novels, short stories seemed to be the right way to practice. If you can’t do that, then what’s the point? So I wrote a few. The fat woman in the front seat of the bus that I felt sorry for; the hidden mansion in the woods with a garden full […]

Writer’s Forums

spy thriller authors

Yes, I know. Every new, or would-be writer, wants to express themselves by joining their local writer’s forum. It seems to be a natural order of things. You are writing something, you look for some kind of critique, you impress other members of this local group with your abilities, and you come out at the […]