From Escape to Adventure: The Birth of ORB

Unconventional Heroes: How a Personal Journey Inspired a Fictional World In the world of fiction, inspiration can strike anywhere at any time. For me, the seeds of my ORB Chronicles adventure series were sown during great personal upheaval. In 1979, after living there for two years, my family and I fled Iran. The experience left […]

Finding My Voice: Inspiration Beyond the Masters

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Every writer grapples with inspiration. We gaze at the towering achievements of literary titans and wonder if we ourselves can reach such heights. But for me, the path to storytelling lies not in emulating the “Masters” but in trusting my own imagination and the organic flow of the narrative. Inspiration Beyond the Canon While I […]

Self-Publishing – what a farce it can be

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I thought that after all these years, we may have reached a point where there was a really good alternative to having to beg, plead and bribe publishers to take notice of us poor writers. But no. We are no further forward. In fact, all we have done is turn corners, yet stayed on a […]