The Golden Handcuffs

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The Golden Handcuffs

In a gripping tale of international intrigue, we follow Matthew Black, an industrial saboteur working for ORB, as he flits between Hong Kong, Seattle, Denver, Peru and Canada. His mission is to facilitate the exchange of one of the world’s richest gold mines located in the Andes, on behalf of the Tupac Amaru, with one in Northern Canada. The timing of the exchange is vital, and we follow Black as he manages the difficulties faced by the Canadian company to complete their project on time, while at the same time ensuring a smooth handover to the Peruvian rebels.

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Tellwell TalentEditorial Comment
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"This is a very well-written, thoroughly researched, wholly original novel of intrigue and suspense. Your extensive background in the mining industry lends a level of realism and historical accuracy to the story that is both impressive and has an educational aspect to it. The characters are well thought-out and interesting, with Matthew striking me as a charming every-man version of a James Bond–type character, with his sly wit and easy way with the ladies. Nancy is an excellent nemesis, while Big Ted (Shi-Ted) and Nick are great in their roles as her sidekicks. Emma is coyly intriguing and a delightful character, and the whole Stockman clan has an enigmatic air."
J. Reid
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"A brilliant read, filled with conspiracy, colorful characters, places and descriptions..."
Professional Book Review
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"The Golden Handcuffs is a complex novel revolving around corporate and financial intrigue during the late 1990’s. The novel’s global scale is impressive as it moves from Hong Kong to Peru’s capital city and a small rebel camp in the Peruvian wilderness, as well to a Canadian mining camp and Colorado locales. The author provides plentiful information about each setting, especially concerning Peru’s political situation with then-President Fujimori."



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