Books that Inspire Me

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When it comes right down to it, I cannot say that the Masters of literature have inspired me in my writing any more than Michael Angelo has inspired me to paint a glorious rendering of the last supper. Frankly, I could never aspire to that kind of greatness; actually, I don’t try or, rather, I […]

Music — to set the mood

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It is unusual to see that music has been incorporated into a website like this, but in my case, I didn’t have to worry about copyrighting. You see, my son created the music, so he owns it. He lent it to me to include mood music for my novels. I didn’t have to use music […]

Short Stories? Easy.

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Before I started to write novels, short stories seemed to be the right way to practice. If you can’t do that, then what’s the point? So I wrote a few. The fat woman in the front seat of the bus that I felt sorry for; the hidden mansion in the woods with a garden full […]

My Characters

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My imagination is full of the characters I have met on my way through life – for better or worse. For instance, Max, in my Black Oil novel, is just one of the strongest memories amongst so many that live in my memory and are embellished in my imagination. They stay there, appearing in my […]

Self-Publishing – what a farce it can be

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I thought that after all these years, we may have reached a point where there was a really good alternative to having to beg, plead and bribe publishers to take notice of us poor writers. But no. We are no further forward. In fact, all we have done is turn corners, yet stayed on a […]

Self-Publishing – Who Needs It? – Part 2

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My second forage into the world of self-publication was met with a much more sophisticated response. True, publishers were no more approachable than they ever were, although they had increased dramatically in numbers by, what I thought, were in the thousands; but the self-publishing industry also appeared to be much more saturated but with more […]

Self-Publishing – Who Needs It? – Part 1

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Back in 2004, when I completed my first fiction novel, The Golden Handcuffs, I had no idea about self-publishing, or publishing at all, come to think of it. But from what I could tell, it seemed like an ‘easy’ way to go, given the horrendous warnings about the shark-infested environment of publishers in the mainstream. […]

Writer’s Forums

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Yes, I know. Every new, or would-be writer, wants to express themselves by joining their local writer’s forum. It seems to be a natural order of things. You are writing something, you look for some kind of critique, you impress other members of this local group with your abilities, and you come out at the […]